Happy New Year to our wonderful SASS community. Here at SASS HQ we’re raring to go and can’t wait to share our 2024 journey with you all - I know it’s going to be full of adventure for the SASS tribe and we’d love to have you along for the ride! The phrase ‘New Year Resolutions’ is already making me gag (and it’s only the second week of January) but have you made any? I have to share our Jaz’s with you which is basically to stop giving any sh*ts and I honestly feel this one right into the depths of my soul - perfection. Being kinder to herself and doing what makes her happy and focusing on family, friends and her mental health. Mine is similar I guess, to start looking after my mental and physical health more for the long term. Whilst it’s never too late to make a change, heading towards mid- forties has got me thinking about making changes whilst I still can. And whilst I have a lot of hurdles to overcome, making better choices is something I can always do more of. 

I’m opening up the comments section as I’d love to hear what you want to read about in the SASS EDIT. Let me know if there’s any subjects I can delve into for you or what you’d like to see more of this year. Maybe you know or own a small business that would love to feature in the SASS EDIT? If you think you’re a good fit for EARSASS let me know!

Seriously SASSY at 40!

Speaking of age and the changes it brings, I spoke to SASS Boss Sophie about the  emotional rollercoaster that is turning the big 4-0!

Did you have any birthday blues about turning 40?

No, to be honest I’ve never really had any issues with any of the ages that I’ve turned. I thought I might have had about 40 but I genuinely do have a very young spirit and I kind of feel like I’m stuck at 25! So I think that really helps and as the old cliche goes - you are as young as you feel. I also keep myself very fit, I eat pretty well and I’ve cut back massively on cigarettes and alcohol. I really push myself and my wellbeing and what works for me. I do lots of manifestation, working with abundance, gratitude - basically what you put out is what you get back. So no blues! I’ve started an incredible business, I’m really happy with who I am so I think I just grabbed it by the balls and said ‘let’s do this.’ I think 41 might be a difficult one, there's not really much to get excited about at 41!!

What was your birthday present to yourself this year?

My present to myself this year was learning new things, understanding myself, not taking any sh*t, being more creative, really going for things, actually doing things for me rather than buying and consuming. For me it’s more the gift of really learning what I want, who I am, how I feel, how I can make change, how I can help people. My gift to myself was definitely recognition, abundance, manifest, understanding and learning. On another note, I also had a facial treatment called Seventy Hyal with the wonderful Dr Victoria Jameson at Fresher Faces and bought a book called ‘The Greatest Manifestation Book Is The One Written By You’ which I love. 

How has the last year of your 30’s been for you and what have you learned about yourself?

The last year of my 30’s… wow….I’ve got an amazing family and we’ve had some amazing times. We obviously had a horrendous low as well when we lost Issy which will always continue, but some incredible things came out of that. Kate wearing the earrings, I’ve raised money for a mental health charity, I’ve got the most wonderful people working at EARSASS and the last year of my 30’s has actually been incredible, it really has. 

What does the forecast for your fabulous 40’s look like?

My fabulous 40’s really will be fabulous! Me being true to myself, true to my friends, my family. I’m so blessed to have my dog Cello, she is literally my best friend. Yep I’m a fur mum and she means everything to me. I really am going to go for it with my business, I want to make a difference in the mental health world, I want to employ more mummies, I just want to love life. We’re here in the moment right now and we forget to actually be in the moment sometimes thinking the grass is always greener but actually it’s about realising what is here and what is now.

Did you have a lovely birthday party?

I had a great party. My sister and my mum and dad rented a house and all my family came, lots of friends and it was just fabulous. I had a massive pink cake, I bought myself a new dress and it was just truly magical. My dad made a beautiful speech about how proud he is of me and having my 92 year old grandmother there was fantastic. Everybody who I wanted to be there was there, I just love being around family and friends. I felt so grounded and I’m so blessed to have such amazing parents who have supported me over the years, especially this past year. And my Dad cooked some amazing food - he’s a wonderful chef!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to absolutely everyone who's supported me this year. It's been such an incredible year with massive highs as well as huge lows. I can't wait to go into 2024 and give it all I've got!

Salon SASS

The dream collab is happening - EARSASS is on its way to a Salon near you! What’s better than having some quality me-time, leaving the Salon feeling full of confidence and ready to face whatever life throws at you? Looking stunning with an additional new pair of EARSASS too of course! It’s the perfect ending to your Salon visit, and also you’ll have plenty of time to browse our gorgeous collections whilst you’re there. Our first Salon to feature EARSASS is the award winning Komao in Marlow which Sophie visits on the regular to keep her locks looking amazing. So if you’re over Berkshire way then book yourself in!

SASS is also coming to The Highlands!! We are so excited to announce we are about to launch EARSASS at the award winning colour specialists John Gillespie Salon in Perth. We can’t wait to share the SASS with Scotland! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news! 

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