Issy is Sophie's beautiful cousin who took her own life on the 29th April 2023. What an incredibly beautiful soul she was. Issy spent a lot of time with Sophie designing and making earrings back last summer, she was incredible and will always play a massive part in EARSASS and its future. To remember Issy, Sophie has dedicated a pair of earrings just for her. £5 from every pair sold will be donated to BRAVE MIND charity who are  moving mountain in the rugby, universities, school and college mental health world. Issy was a rugby player and coach at Maidenhead RFC and even played for England under 18’s, what a girl! 

These beautiful 18k Gold plated star earrings are simply gorgeous and will put a smile on your face as soon as you put them on. The shiny gold is absolutely perfect for the summer, such a feel-good earring, just like our Issy was and is. Stars since ancient times are described as forever, hope, destiny, heaven, and freedom, don’t you just love this!

Issy would love these earrings and from all Issy’s family we thank you so much for your support.


“To make a positive, lasting difference to the rugby community's mental health and wellbeing.”


“To save and improve lives, promote positive mental health and drive the conversation for everyone in the rugby community.”

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  • Hi, I’m Si Trower

    I am an ex-rugby player. From the age of 6, I have spent much of my life being part of the rugby community – on and off the field at a great club, Henley RFC. Playing minis & juniors all the way through to seniors and most recently, helping out at another fantastic club, Maidenhead RFC. Since an early age, I have experienced and still do experience different levels of depression and anxiety. I have undergone various treatment methods, from trialling medication to attending sessions with a clinical psychologist. I live with it everyday, through my personal experience I have designed a range of coping strategies, one of them being making sure that I talk to people/family when I feel low.

    Rugby was always a good form of personal therapy. I left things off the field and enjoyed the release on it. Looking back on this now, this was very much a temporary fix for me. I was putting on a front, hiding behind ‘the banter’, when deep down I yearned for real connections and to be myself.

    Life is moving on and I am pleased to see that the stigma towards mental health is changing, especially in sport. I’ve always wanted to try and help others and having recently completed a Mental Health First Aider course, I’ve decided to create a support network, focussed within the rugby community.

    At Brave Mind, we will make talking about and supporting each other with mental health the norm. We are about getting into action, working with rugby clubs and schools to put mental health at the heart of their community.