Welcome to the last SASS EDIT of the year - and what a whirlwind of a year it’s been! We’re so incredibly grateful for all of the support and love from our amazing SASS community. We’ve loved sharing our journey with you all and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for EARSASS. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one! We wish you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas and New Year. 

Star Studded Occasion At The Royal Christmas Carol Service!

SASS BOSS Sophie celebrated the spirit of Christmas in the most special way when she was invited by the The Princess of Wales to attend the ‘Together at Christmas’ carol service in Westminster Abbey on Friday 8th December. The service was one of joyful celebration and those invited to attend by The Princess were recognized for their selfless work to support families and children across the UK. I caught up with Sophie to hear all about her royal experience!

How did it feel to receive such an incredibly special invitation?

Well it was just utterly phenomenal- such an amazing recognition and also very overwhelming. After Kate received the earrings and then wore them twice and on such a significant day (World Mental Health Day), then to receive the invitation to the carol service in recognition of our work with Bravemind charity - we were all just so honoured. You can’t quite put it into words because you spend a lot of your life wanting to do good - or I certainly do anyway and when you achieve that then to be recognised and thanked in the way I was is just very, very special. It makes everything so worth it, not just being invited to the concert but being involved with Bravemind charity and for Kate to recognise that knowing it would help us raise money for the charity is incredible.

Talk us through the outfit choice!

That choice of outfit was such a no brainer! I had bought that beautiful long pink coat from Glasgow when I was doing special effects on the ‘Batgirl’ film and it was just the perfect thing to wear. I wore it with a velvet black dress underneath and gorgeous black boots. And  beautiful pink fluffy gloves as well! I knew we were going to be outside and then the Abbey could be a bit cold so I wanted to be warm. It was also the most perfect colour pink for EARSASS and my favourite colour! 

What was the most memorable part of the service for you?

 I think the most memorable part was when we were shown where we were sitting and we realised we were behind Pippa, Carole and Michael Middleton. We were basically sitting with the Royals! We were only four rows behind when Kate, William and the children walked in- it was phenomenal. Such a totally surreal moment! Then I looked to my left and there’s Beverly Knight belting out the most beautiful song, then James Bay was right in front of me singing - it was just incredible. Alongside this we were shown incredibly moving videos of families who have been through tragedy and adversity, reminding us why we were all invited here as part of the ‘Shaping Us’ campaign helping families, babies, children and young adults.

Did you get to mingle with any of the other guests?

We didn’t really get to mingle with any of the other guests but when we were asked to leave it was just after the main Royal family and so myself, Sarah and Simon were the only three people side by side walking down the whole of the Abbey, walking past every celebrity that you could think of that was there. I was nodding at Rio Ferdinand and his wife and then Tom Fletcher and Fearne Cotton and we just couldn’t believe it. We were wondering ‘why the three of us?’. It was like it was a sign from Issy and unbelievable recognition of our work and our effort and the whole reason of why we were there- for Issy.

It must have been so special to have been able to attend this event with Sarah Renton (Issy’s amazing mother) and Simon Trower (founder of Bravemind charity). How does it feel to know that Issy’s legacy has achieved so much this year?

It was the most special moment - one of the most special moments of my life being in Westminster Abbey at the Royal Carol service which is all about the support that people give to families, babies, young children. To be there with Simon and Sarah, it was so moving and it was so perfect just the three of us - The Three Musketeers. We were there just trying to make a difference, trying to shine and keep Issy’s torch and her star brightly lit but also to shine a light on mental health and how we can help Bravemind to make that difference and keep the cash flow going into the charity so they can continue to carry out more life changing work. 

You can keep an eye out for Sophie, Sarah and Simon when the service is broadcast in the UK as part of a special programme at 7:45pm on ITV and ITVX on the 24th December. 

And of course Sophie wore the stunning Issy Star as part of her outfit for the service. 


New Year New Earrings

Because that’s totally a thing right? We’re out of office until the 28th December now so any orders will be processed on our return. I’m already thinking about how to make January more SASS filled! How about The Bailey as a kind of post Christmas palate cleanse?! I love the fresh elegance of these earrings with the gorgeous pale pink against the gold. There’s not an outfit they wouldn’t look amazing with… added to basket!!

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