Welcome to another sparkly SASS EDIT! We’ll be diving into the world of Tarot Card readings to see if I’m an open or closed book and a look at our amazing EARSASS XMAS AD!!

Playing my Cards Right

Spirituality means very different things to all of us. It’s certainly a subject which leads to a Pandora’s Box of questions without any firm answers. I consider myself to be spiritually very open - I would never rule anything out but I definitely have a very healthy dose of scepticism alongside! I was so intrigued to be able to interview and have a personal reading with Holly McNaughton from ‘When Luna Sleeps Tarot’ to see what the cards had in store for me. I have to say I actually felt quite nervous about it but Holly is just such a friendly and nurturing soul and I instantly felt such a rapport with her. I felt safe in her hands. My brain was certainly questioning how we could have a reading with her being in Scotland and me here in Berkshire - I couldn’t understand how we would connect. But what happened next left me with an absolute plethora of emotions! When Holly sends you photos of your cards you will instantly try to work them out - trust me you can’t!! As my reading progressed (relating to the question I’d asked) the cards showed the past, present and future with startling pinpoint accuracy. I actually still find it very difficult to make sense of - but maybe that’s just the point. Some things just can’t be explained. Holly said my main takeaway from the cards was to keep having faith which is something I’ve always tried to do but actually I’d lost sight of it recently. 

After the reading I felt a strange kind of elation and also very emotional. I felt like the cards had recognised and validated the journey I’ve been on and it was almost as if I could let some of that go now in order to move forwards. After reflecting on my reading I had some questions for Holly…

What is the art of Tarot?

Tarot is basically a card game that dates back to the 1400’s. It has been used as a way of tapping into the energy of the past, present and future for centuries. It’s brilliant for getting to the root of your situation and offers perspective and comfort - it’s fantastic. I find it so uplifting and fun.

How did you first become interested in Tarot?

I have always been interested in spiritual and supernatural things. My sisters and friends would regularly see Mediums when we were growing up. I only got into cards recently when I received my first deck at Christmas 2018 and became obsessed! Something about them clicked with me, I can’t get enough of anything to do with Tarot!

Do you need to see a client in person to have a reading done?

Not with me! Every reader has their own style and way of communicating with their clients. My style has evolved through the ‘lockdown’ circumstances we were all in. I also have 3 kids and my youngest Luna was a baby at this time (hence my instagram name ‘When Luna Sleeps Tarot’) Most of my interactions would begin with “I’ll message you when Luna sleeps” so online and through messaging was the only way I could communicate. Luckily I have lots of friends who would help me by volunteering to be online Tarot guinea pigs! All of my readings are done through written messages and photos of your cards. We just need to arrange a simultaneous hour of peace to communicate with each other. The bonus of this being you don’t even need to leave your house - you can be in your PJ’s, in the bath, anywhere in the world. This can be appealing to shy people who find it hard to open up, busy parents who can’t get babysitters, or anyone who just can’t be arsed going out in the cold!!

How have you found Tarot has helped you in your personal life?

Tarot helps you look at the situation you are in and offers ideas, solutions and a fresh perspective. It can be extremely inspiring! You can use it to make choices and decisions, I like to use them for this on a daily basis. I get so much joy and fulfilment from helping people and giving them encouraging messages. It really has opened up my eyes to another way of living life. 

Should we be worried about getting ‘bad news’ cards? I know this is a thought I definitely had before my reading!

I think before anyone gets a reading they should give thought to whether they are prepared for an answer they don’t want to get. I have had this happen to me many times and it can feel unsettling. But Tarot is not set in stone, the energies and situations on the cards are based on the energy around you. So it can all change if you want it to. It can be a really handy ‘red flag’ indicator when a darker card pops up. Deep down we possibly can relate to any disappointing news the cards may show as we are all naturally intuitive, it’s just a bit triggering and uncomfortable to be faced with it and have to deal with it. 

Do you have any advice to help us become more open to spiritual guidance in our everyday lives?

Be more open to it, I absolutely love synchronicities. If you see coincidences and ‘signs’ take note of them and I promise you will start noticing them more often. Gratitude is huge, so remind yourself regularly of all the good in your life. Surround yourself with beautiful things - I love crystals, plants, gold and incense and I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many lovely humans. If you can keep your spirits up the happier you’ll be and the more you will vibe with it. And of course you can always contact me to book in for a special spiritually aligned experience, it may give you the nudge you need to be more open. 

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'Tis the season to get SASSY!

Have you seen our Christmas Advert yet? If you haven’t then you must check it out on our socials. Sophie, Jaz and the SASSette’s absolutely sleighed it - all without looking even slightly chilly! It’s a fest of gorgeousness!

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A Royal Invitation

A very exciting invitation arrived for SASS BOSS Sophie from Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales this week. She will be attending the Carol Service at Westminster Abbey on Friday 8th December in acknowledgement of all the amazing work EARSASS and Bravemind have achieved since the loss of beautiful Issy to suicide earlier this year. The Issy Star has become synonymous with understanding and recognising the importance of mental health and suicide prevention. 

Sophie will be attending with Issy’s incredible mum Sarah and Simon Trower founder of Bravemind Charity. And you can be sure I’ll be getting all the information on this incredible event from Sophie for the next SASS EDIT!

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